Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment (also known as psychological evaluation) is a complex process of evaluating an individual to gain an understanding of how they uniquely function. It involves test administration, interviews, review of records, and clinical judgment to improve diagnostic clarity, determine an individual’s unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses, and determine the supports needed to improve their quality of life. Our psychologists are affirming and respectful and treat their patients as partners in the evaluation process and as experts of their own experiences.  

 CSSM offers comprehensive psychological assessment for children, adolescents, and adults, and every evaluation includes screening for a variety of concerns based on the referral question(s). This can include ADHD, Autism, intellectual disability, learning disabilities, mood disorders, personality functioning, etc.  

 CSSM does have a waitlist for psychological assessments. Contact our intake department to be added onto the waitlist and get an estimated timeframe for scheduling.  

 CSSM also offers parental capacity evaluations to identify parental caregiving skills and challenges in relation to their child(ren)’s functioning and needs. We are currently only accepting referrals from contracted counties & agencies for parental capacity evaluations.