Children and Family Services

Adult and Child Services

  • Diagnostic assessments for children ages 0-17 years
  • Infant Early Childhood Therapy Services (all recognized as evidenced-based practices by the state of Minnesota and commercial insurance plans) include:
    • Attachment Bio-behavioral Catch-up (ABC): ages 6-48 months
      • ABC is an infant/toddler-caregiver treatment developed to treat infants/toddlers who have experienced early adversity. Caregivers are coached by the therapist in three skills while learning to reduce frightening and overwhelming behaviors with their young children.
    • Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP): ages 0-6 years
      CPP is a child-caregiver treatment developed to examine how the trauma and the caregivers’ relational history affect the caregiver-child relationship and the child’s developmental trajectory.
    • Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT): ages 3-7 years
      PCIT is a treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral disorders that place emphasis on improving the quality of the caregiver-child relationship and strengthening caregiver-child interaction patterns to improve calm, warmth, and focus within caregiving relationship.
  • Outpatient Therapy Services specialties include:
    • TF-CBT
  • Family Therapy

The ten counties in South Central Minnesota are working together to improve and expand mental health services and resources available to parents, children, and youth. Please participate in the following survey to voice your knowledge or concerns related to children’s mental health services in your area, as well as receive information about mental health resources in your county: